Shipping Charges

All these prices are based upon  1 Shipment Per 1 Address to Mainland UK, other than that prices vary as per checkout

If you need bespoke pricing and storage, you must be doing atleast 10 percels a day, in which case get in touch

Please note these are competitive prices.... you simply sell we post, you will never need staff, warehouse etc

UK Mainland

£2.99 for first Large Letter then £1.50 Per Large letter to same address

£4.50 for the first  Parcel then £1.50 Per Parcel going to the same address

£5.50 Per Parcel for the first Parcel Plus (anything fragile or that requires extra packaging) then £1.50

£8.99 Per Big Parcel then £4.50

For example

You buy 3 items, all large letters

If they are going to the same address, you pay shipping

£2.99+ £1.50 + £1.50

If going to different addresses, you pay

£2.99 for each each 

You Buy 1 Parcel, 2 Large Letters

If they are going to the same address, you pay 

- the highest rate FIRST, then £1.50 for each additional item

£4.50 + £1.50 + £1.50

If going to different addresses, you pay

Seperate charges for each address depending on what it is

Non-UK Charges

Extra charges for Non UK Mainland, Europe, or the rest of the world apply.

Charges are subject to change, orders are subject to cancellation